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Increase payment conversions of your online store with a complete payment method fromWinPay.

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Advanced with protection and anti-fraud system, your transaction is guaranteed with WinPay.

Accessible Integration

Winpay presents an accessible process for million online store platforms.


Complete payment method, with more than 20 channels of online and offline payments.

Your Great Business Starts With Winpay

Link your online store now!

More than 20 payment methods are ready to use.

Make it easy for your customers to choose the payment method according to their choice and increase the payment conversion of your online store by using WinPay - Indonesia's Best Payment Gateway.

With QRIS, your business will able to receive any electronic payment so easly using various electronic money provider.

Integrate your business payment with QR Code Payment or QRIS using Winpay. Its secure and easy for your customers payment thru 30 emoney’s issuer (like SpeedCash, Paykaltimtara, JogjaKita, OVO, Gopay, DANA, LinkAja, ShopeePay, etc) and mobile banking app supporting on QRIS payment like BCA, CIMB, and many others.

This is thetime to advance your online store with easy payments through minimarket outlets (Alfamart and Indomaret). By using WinPay, your online store can receive payments through all Alfamart and Indomaret minimarket outlets spread throughout Indonesia. Engage the Indomaret and Alfamart payment gateway services in your online store now.


No need to worry anymore if your prospective buyer has a different bank account. Now you can provide paymentfrom all existing banks through integration with the WinPay payment gateway.

By using BRIVA (BRI Virtual Account), BNI Virtual Account and Mandiri Payment Code, all payments from your online store customers will be automatically confirmed. Don’t make your customer wait for the payment confirmation too long.


Using a Payment gateway from WinPay will also make your merchant or online shop accept payments using e-money such as Free Pay, Tcash, Indosat Dompetku, XL Tunai, and so on.


Receive payments through credit cards with MasterCard / Visa logo from all local and international banks.


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Improve Your Customer’s Satisfaction

Increase the trust, convenience and conversion of your business by adding new payment methods to your online store. This is the time for your online store to provide payment methods through minimarket outlets (Indomaret and Alfamart) spread across Indonesia. Contact us immediately for more information about WinPay - Payment Gateway Indonesia.

Easy Integration to Many of Your Online Store Platforms

Including WordPress, Prestashop, Opencart, Magento, and many more.

WinPay has been trusted by Thousands of Online Stores and Merchants

Winpay has helped improving service and payment conversion for thousands of businesses and online stores in Indonesia.

Integrate your service with WinPay – The Best Payment Gateway Indonesia


Safe Transaction

Winpay not only helps you to increase sales conversions, but also ensure the security and legality of every transaction in your online store.

WinPay has also owned an official payment gateway lisencefrom Bank Indonesia.

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